Effective MAY 1, 2020, all Members/Partners of PHPAC are encouraged to become PWAN BUSINESS OWNERS.

A PWAN BUSINESS OWNER or PBO are Members/Partners that subscribe to their own Property Ownership through PHPAC.

As the Pioneer and Pacesetter in the Real Estate Network Marketing Industry, it is important at this point in time for us to do this. It is also in line with our vision of making home ownership Dream a reality for as many Africans as possible. Becoming a PWAN BUSINESS OWNER is expected for all Members/Partners joining The PWAN Group from May 1, 2020. All existing Members/Partners are also encouraged to become PBOs.

For years we have been in the forefront of Land Sales in Nigeria, now we are going to be in the forefront of Home Sales not just in Nigeria but all over Africa and the rest of the World.

And as the Bible says, the husband man who labours should be the first partaker. We have created this great opportunity for our Members/Partners to subscribe for their Homes even before telling others.


Becoming a PWAN BUSINESS OWNER or PBO is as simple as ABC

A) At the point of becoming a Member/Partner, fill a Personal Property Ownership Subscription Form. Pick an Apartment/House option you are comfortable with starting from N15,000,000 only.
B) You do not have to pay anything immediately. Pay when you are ready and at your own pace, even starting with as little as N15,000 only ie 0.001% of N15,000,000.
C) On completion of payment, you can apply this to any Apartment/House of your choice in any of the PWAN Group Companies.
If your choice at the time of completion is worth more than what you have, you can make up the balance, take a smaller size of Apartment/House or share with someone else.


1) As a PBO, you can become a Landowner or Homeowner in five years or less...Guaranteed!
2) As a PBO, you will get points from the Company that you can apply to your Property payment or take out as Cash on a regular basis. With N15,000 down payment, you will get 10 Point Value (PV) instantly. As your Team Members subscribe and pay, they will get points and you will also get points up to the 8th Level.
3) As a PBO, you can enjoy special discounts on purchases from all the Companies in the Group.
4) As a PBO, you can earn Monthly Leadership and Annual Performance Bonus.
5) As a PBO, you can earn Indirect Commission from any of the PWAN Affiliates without any condition by making a payment of 1% of N15m ie N150,000 only.
6) As a PBO, you can own and operate a PWAN Centre anywhere in Nigeria.
7) As a PBO, you can own and operate a PWAN Centre anywhere in the World.

There are several other benefits of becoming a PWAN Business Owner. See full details in the Members Handbook.

*Please note that terms and conditions apply.